About Us


Reality Check is a youth led state-wide initiative with the goal of exposing the tobacco industry’s manipulative marketing techniques and how it targets teens. We are a group of empowered teen ages 13-18 years old who refuse to be replacements for Big Tobacco’s dead customers. We won’t be bought! Youth leaders attend trainings and meetings to become informed on Big Tobacco’s attempts to recruit youth to become new smokers. Empowered youth leaders educate the community, their peers, and policy makers by using their creative energy to come up with events and activities that make a statement. We mobilize others to help make a difference and get policies changed.

We work on four initiatives:

  • Point of sale- how the tobacco industry markets towards youth in stores. This includes product placement at youth eye level, candy flavored products, cartoon marketing, and price discounting.
  • Smoke Free Media- removing all tobacco imagery and advertising from youth rated films, social media, YouTube, youth oriented magazines, and youth oriented television networks.
  • Tobacco Free Outdoors-¬†seeks to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, environmental tobacco waste related damage, exposure to toxic butts, and hopes to denormalize smoking.
  • Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing- works to create a safe smoke free living environment, especially in affordable housing.

Members of Reality Check of St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis Counties are privy to many different exciting activities throughout the year.

Some of these events include:

  • STOMPS; community movie nights
  • Leadership trainings
  • Local and State Legislative meetings
  • Collaborative events with other organizations
  • Information tables in school districts and community events
  • School and organization events
  • A leadership role and voice in their communities!